Hampstead-Kingston Republican Committee

Working for Hampstead & Kingston!

The Hampstead-Kingston Republican Committee is committed to electing Republicans to further the positive growth conservative policies have created for our towns.

We are Republicans because:

Personal Liberty:  

Advancing your control over your life

Freedom to pursue your full potential

Promote creativity and innovation

Conservative Values:

Life, marriage and family

Law-abiding citizenship

Robust, Stable Economy

Less government control

Lower taxes

A strong work ethic

Strong Defense

At home and abroad

Strong, well-equipped military

Border protection

We are in the business of recruiting and supporting Hampstead and Kingston Republican candidates who endorse low taxes, local control and limited government. Contact us if you are interested in running for office!


Your financial contribution to the H-K Republican Town Committee will help support Hampstead and Kingston Republicans 

Get involved by signing up!  There are many ways you can help during elections, as simple as putting candidates lawn signs in your yard.  

Your right to vote makes a difference.  Learn where voting polls are located and how to register.